Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Buy one Send one

BOSO!!!!!!!! What is that you may ask...Buy One Send One.
Starting today and going until March, when ever somebody buys a travelghan I will make another one and take it to a random family that is staying/living at the MCG Children's Medical Center that we have to take my son to.
So that basically means if I have 3 orders for travelghans to make between today and March ( before we have to go up there. They are trying to get us closer to the first of the month instead of the end of the month) I will make 3 travelghans to take to MCG Children's Hospital and give them to a family or families since they are staying in the hospital. Its that simple. No strings attached. No extra money needed. Nothing. All you have to do is like I said buy a travelghan. It will be the easiest thing you will have to do today :)

You can find them in my shop : June's Pretty Things  

You choose the color(s) for your travelghan!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

100 Fans Give a way

We have 100 wonderful fans and to thank ya'll we are having a give a way.  It is going to be very simple. All you got to do is follow our blog and make a comment on this post and you will be entered in winning this Sunflower Hair Clip ! will draw a winner on 10-9-11. Good Luck

Time to start working on the Chrismas list

Yes I said it, it is time to start working on your Christmas list. October is here and December will be here soon enough. We will be having a comment game on facebook on 10-9-11 at 8pm until everything we have is gone. Stop by and check out what we have.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Catching up on things

The signs of fall is here, the leaves is changing colors and the temperatures are dropping to the point where I don't have to run my A/C unit all day and night. And of course this means that the local craft show/festival is coming up in October. If you are near Lowndes County Ga you should come by, we are going to have a booth this year! We will have Pumpkin Hats, Boo Boo Packs, a few crayon rolls, some hair clips and other goodies. Come by and see what all we have.

I am also working on the website. My husband got me a new camera so I am also going to be working on getting better pictures to list instead of the ones I have up now :) I am always ready to take orders so if you ever see anything you want please let me know.

What else was there??? Oh yeah the give a way for Facebook. As you may ( or may not) know Facebook has rules about doing a give away on there, they don't like it at all very much so you have to do it on your blog. So here is the thing.As of right now there is 87 fans on our Facebook page. When we get to 100 we will have a give away of some type. So if you would like to get in on that help us get to 100 fans.