Monday, August 5, 2013

"Picture" blankets

Happy August ( yes I know I am late)!!! Do you know what that means? That means FOOTBALL is right around the corner. I love me some collage football. Anyways.....

I've got a new addiction. It is called graph afghans. I've always wanted to try to make one but, I guess you can say, I was scared of them. I went as far as buying a pattern before Thanksgiving of last year. I started on it and took it a part several times because I didn't understand it. At least I didn't think I understood it.

Two months ago I did some research and figured out how to read a graph/chart and I learned how to crochet from it. It is a whole lot easier then what I thought it was. I finished it last week.

Go Dawgs!!!!

Top of the blanket.

Bottom of the blanket.

This one was delivered to a good friend this morning for her son. She is going to give it to him for his birthday next month. :) 

I have addiction to these blankets now. I have more patterns that I got as a gift ( actually black male I guess. Somebody gave them to me for me to make them blankets lol). I'm going to do them slowly so I won't get burnt out on them. 

You can buy a Ga Bulldog blanket from my shop.( here )  

These blankets are priced between $100.00-150.00 depending on the size, how many different colors, and the difficulty of the blanket. 

Keep on checking the online may find some on sale from time to time. :)