Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Buy one Send one

BOSO!!!!!!!! What is that you may ask...Buy One Send One.
Starting today and going until March, when ever somebody buys a travelghan I will make another one and take it to a random family that is staying/living at the MCG Children's Medical Center that we have to take my son to.
So that basically means if I have 3 orders for travelghans to make between today and March ( before we have to go up there. They are trying to get us closer to the first of the month instead of the end of the month) I will make 3 travelghans to take to MCG Children's Hospital and give them to a family or families since they are staying in the hospital. Its that simple. No strings attached. No extra money needed. Nothing. All you have to do is like I said buy a travelghan. It will be the easiest thing you will have to do today :)

You can find them in my shop : June's Pretty Things  

You choose the color(s) for your travelghan!!