Monday, June 25, 2012

Shop of the week - Lu & ED

Well what can I NOT say about our shop of the week?
Cody from Lu & Ed is awesome on every level. She makes these adorable one of a kind monster plushes. And when I say one of a kind I really mean it, she cuts them out by hand without a pattern.
Mon-stors are a copyright protected original creation created by Lu & Ed. They may not be replicated, copied or reproduced in any way 

I don't know about your kids, but my kids don't like cleaning up their bedroom. Cody came up with this awesome monster that "eats" dirty laundry, toys, really anything you put in it. So when the kids is cleaning up their rooms they can think about it as the monster really eating what they feed it:) 

See this one is "eating". I really LOVE these <3

Mon-stors are a copyright protected original creation created by Lu & Ed. They may not be replicated, copied or reproduced in any way 

Go by and check out her shop. Go ahead and adopt a monster too :) 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Shop of the week - Sarah's Cozy Corner

This week's shop of the week is Sarah's Cozy Corner.

Sarah makes awesome handbags. When we get some extra money I'm so going to order me one, I just got to decided on red or blue. 
 Do you need some coasters but want a different style then what you can find at the chain store?

How about Bandana Coasters? Yeah she went with the blue again :) 

She also makes crayon rolls, mouse pads and other wonderful items you can use for your home. Go on over to her shop and take a look around.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Item of the day 6/12/12

Today's item of the day is :: The Travelghan.

What is a travelghan?
A travelghan is a blanket that you take and put in your vehicle to cover up with.

Fold it so the edges meets in the middle

then you roll it up. Button the strap and store it under your set or any where. The color options for these are endless. 

As I'm having to take road trips to doctors for my son, I have realized that it would be easier if I had a blanket that I can just roll up to store in my truck so my kids or I can have a blanket when needed and not have to worry about getting one from the house before I walk out of the door.
This travelghan measures approximately 36 1/2 inches long. Fold it in 3rds and it up like a sleeping bag and store away in your vehicle.
*Great for kids ( and small kids) to cover up with.
*Great for adults to cover up their legs with.
Please allow 2 weeks for me to make the item.
Closer : Buttons
Made in a smoke free home.
In the note to seller please list the color(s), up to 3, when you check out.
You can find it in my shop here.
Remember when you order a travelghan I will make another one ( at no extra cost to you) and take it to the local children's hospital. They make great blankets to have when you have to stay at the hospital with your loved ones because they don't take up as much room as a folded blanket would take. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Shop of the week - Melli's Trinkets

I'm going to change it up a little bit. Last week I posted an item a day out of my shop, starting this week we will be doing " Shop of the week" where I will be showing some love to some of my favorite shops. Doing this, I hope ya'll will go and check them out...who knows you might find something that you like.

So this week's shop of the week is :: Melli's Trinkets ::



Over the past couple of years I have made friends with some awesome crafty ladies and one of them is Melissa from Melli's Trinkets. She makes custom jewelry for every one! She also makes stitch markers for crocheting/knitting and awesome bookmarks ( which I personally have one. It was suppose to be a gift for somebody but I got it and fell in love with it so its mine...ooops lol).

These string art pendents are really neat. I've never seen anything like this until she did it :) 

There is so much pendents, rings, earrings, and more in her shop. If you want to give somebody something that is one of a kind and hand made then you should really go check out Melli's Trinkets.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Item of the day 6/10/2012

Today's item of the day is ::  Lip Balm Cozy Key Chain

Have you ever lost your chap stick? Do you have to dig in the bottom of your purse hoping your chap stick is in the bottom of it? Have you found yourself digging in the console of your truck/car while you are driving trying to find your chap stick? Now you can stop doing all of that. Have it at your finger tips. With the key chain you can attach it to the zipper ( handle, or anywhere you can ) on your purse or put it on with your keys.

You can order these in any colors you would like. They choices and combinations  is endless. 

You can find this item in my shop here ( I have some ready to ship ones ready to go to their new homes :) 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Item of the day 6/9/2012

Today's item of the day is :: The Grandma Mae's Coffee Mug Hugger
This item is so fun :) Has your hand ever got burnt thanks to your hot cup off coffee, tea, hot coco, your favorite hot beverage? Yea that hurts. With this item you won't have that problem.
Made with cotton yarn and a plastic button, it is safe to be put in the microwave when you warm up your beverage.
Cotton yarn comes in a wide variety of colors.
They easily attach to most standard-size coffee mugs and have a built-in coaster to protect all surfaces from scratches. They make great gifts for your grandparents, teachers, housewarming parties, or just really anything.

bottom of cozy

side of cozy

You can find this item in my shop here 
If you can crochet you can find the pattern at Crazysocks Crochet


Friday, June 8, 2012

Item of the day 6/8/2012

Good Morning!! It is FRIDAY!!! I hope ya'll have a great weekend :)
Today's item of the day is :: The Boobie Hat

This is a great way to show your pro breast feeding or your breast cancer awareness.
I can make these to fit a newborn up to 24 months old.
If you need this in another color please let me in the the note at check out.
This hat will, for sure, turn peoples heads :) 
You can find these hats in my shop here.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Item of the day 6/7/2012

Today's item of the day is :: New Born Knitted hat::

I will be honest, I can NOT knit with 2 knitting needles to save my life. I don't know why but I just can't pick it up. So if I don't knit, how do I make knitted hats? I loom knit. You can find the looms at Wal Mart where the yarn is or any craft store. They are really easy to do once you get the hang of it. I like to use chunky yarn for the ones I make.
I can make them with out a brim or 

With a brim. I personally like them with the brim. 
I make them from babies to adult. My husband drives a truck over the road and I made him one when it started turning cool last year and he said it was really warm.

We all love our hats!! <3

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Item of the day

Every day I will choose one item from my online store and feature it here.
Today is item number 20 - Baby Round Ripple Afghan. If you read my post yesterday you have seen a picture of it, if it is.
I love to make afghans, also known as blankets,but this type is one of my favorites to make. I works up really fast and its not hard at all to make. This one is large enough for a baby through toddler. I can also make them child size, teen size, and large enough to sit on the couch and cover up with. However I can also go larger and make them the size for your bed :) I really need to make one for the kids' beds and maybe my bed.
You want one the colors of your favorite sports team? No problem as long as I can find the colors. If I can't find them in my local area I can go on the internet and find it. 

The more colors the more stripes I can do. I LOVE colorful blankets!!

All of my items are handmade by me, with you and your child(ren) in mind. Since they are handmade, no two items have a mirror image. This baby round ripple afghan, with the yarn that I used, measured about 35 inches wide from widest points. ( My tape measure moved down a little when I took this picture)

If you have an idea for the way you want your colors to be please let me know. I can do them with a color in the middle, a different color for the large body, and then go back and do the last few inches in the color of the middle ( like I did in the blue and white one above).

Or I could do the blanket in a one color and do the last few inches in a different color like the pink and white one above. :) 

Or I could do them with whats called a variegated color yarn. This one kinda reminds me of  tie dyeing.

If you like rainbows and would like one in rainbow problem I can do it. As you can see there is no end when it comes to the choices. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Time to catch up and get this going.

First off, I'm sorry I haven't been on here since December. We did finally move and then life got in the way. But now it is summer vacation time and the kids don't have to go to 100,974,653,9373,0988,7635 different places so I have time to focus on June's Pretty Things.
A couple of important things I would like to mention...
The last blog that I posted in December was about BOSO ( Buy One Send One) travelghan. I have decided to keep this going so when ever you purchase a travelghan I will make an extra one ( no extra cost) and take it to MCG Children's Hospital. You can find the listing for the travelghan here .
The second important thing is that I have new items in the online store. I try to list something every week rather it be a new item or a ready to ship item.

I listed the baby round ripple the other day. This listing is for you to customize one to the color(s) you want it to be. They take me 2-4 days, maybe 5 days at the tops, to make depending on how much time I get to work on it.
Stop by when you get a chance and check out the store. I'v heard of some people already starting to Christmas shop so go ahead and get your orders in before the rush starts.