Monday, June 11, 2012

Shop of the week - Melli's Trinkets

I'm going to change it up a little bit. Last week I posted an item a day out of my shop, starting this week we will be doing " Shop of the week" where I will be showing some love to some of my favorite shops. Doing this, I hope ya'll will go and check them out...who knows you might find something that you like.

So this week's shop of the week is :: Melli's Trinkets ::



Over the past couple of years I have made friends with some awesome crafty ladies and one of them is Melissa from Melli's Trinkets. She makes custom jewelry for every one! She also makes stitch markers for crocheting/knitting and awesome bookmarks ( which I personally have one. It was suppose to be a gift for somebody but I got it and fell in love with it so its mine...ooops lol).

These string art pendents are really neat. I've never seen anything like this until she did it :) 

There is so much pendents, rings, earrings, and more in her shop. If you want to give somebody something that is one of a kind and hand made then you should really go check out Melli's Trinkets.


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