Saturday, June 9, 2012

Item of the day 6/9/2012

Today's item of the day is :: The Grandma Mae's Coffee Mug Hugger
This item is so fun :) Has your hand ever got burnt thanks to your hot cup off coffee, tea, hot coco, your favorite hot beverage? Yea that hurts. With this item you won't have that problem.
Made with cotton yarn and a plastic button, it is safe to be put in the microwave when you warm up your beverage.
Cotton yarn comes in a wide variety of colors.
They easily attach to most standard-size coffee mugs and have a built-in coaster to protect all surfaces from scratches. They make great gifts for your grandparents, teachers, housewarming parties, or just really anything.

bottom of cozy

side of cozy

You can find this item in my shop here 
If you can crochet you can find the pattern at Crazysocks Crochet


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