Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Item of the day

Every day I will choose one item from my online store and feature it here.
Today is item number 20 - Baby Round Ripple Afghan. If you read my post yesterday you have seen a picture of it, if it is.
I love to make afghans, also known as blankets,but this type is one of my favorites to make. I works up really fast and its not hard at all to make. This one is large enough for a baby through toddler. I can also make them child size, teen size, and large enough to sit on the couch and cover up with. However I can also go larger and make them the size for your bed :) I really need to make one for the kids' beds and maybe my bed.
You want one the colors of your favorite sports team? No problem as long as I can find the colors. If I can't find them in my local area I can go on the internet and find it. 

The more colors the more stripes I can do. I LOVE colorful blankets!!

All of my items are handmade by me, with you and your child(ren) in mind. Since they are handmade, no two items have a mirror image. This baby round ripple afghan, with the yarn that I used, measured about 35 inches wide from widest points. ( My tape measure moved down a little when I took this picture)

If you have an idea for the way you want your colors to be please let me know. I can do them with a color in the middle, a different color for the large body, and then go back and do the last few inches in the color of the middle ( like I did in the blue and white one above).

Or I could do the blanket in a one color and do the last few inches in a different color like the pink and white one above. :) 

Or I could do them with whats called a variegated color yarn. This one kinda reminds me of  tie dyeing.

If you like rainbows and would like one in rainbow problem I can do it. As you can see there is no end when it comes to the choices. 

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