Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Item of the day 6/12/12

Today's item of the day is :: The Travelghan.

What is a travelghan?
A travelghan is a blanket that you take and put in your vehicle to cover up with.

Fold it so the edges meets in the middle

then you roll it up. Button the strap and store it under your set or any where. The color options for these are endless. 

As I'm having to take road trips to doctors for my son, I have realized that it would be easier if I had a blanket that I can just roll up to store in my truck so my kids or I can have a blanket when needed and not have to worry about getting one from the house before I walk out of the door.
This travelghan measures approximately 36 1/2 inches long. Fold it in 3rds and it up like a sleeping bag and store away in your vehicle.
*Great for kids ( and small kids) to cover up with.
*Great for adults to cover up their legs with.
Please allow 2 weeks for me to make the item.
Closer : Buttons
Made in a smoke free home.
In the note to seller please list the color(s), up to 3, when you check out.
You can find it in my shop here.
Remember when you order a travelghan I will make another one ( at no extra cost to you) and take it to the local children's hospital. They make great blankets to have when you have to stay at the hospital with your loved ones because they don't take up as much room as a folded blanket would take. 

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